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When is it okay to be Proud?

We derive creativity in many ways each different, concluding with the same results, a masterpiece! At least in our own eyes. The energy that was put in into it gives it the spirit to shine and we hope that it is bright enough that others may graze in its glory. When they do, human nature allows us to feel proud of our accomplishments. Gives us a sigh of relief, understanding and acceptance. But Is it okay to be or feel proud? To have too much pride is a sin within itself. So the question arises, are YOU proud or are you proud of your work? Can you feel proud of your works and not be a proud person even if your the one who created the work. The answer is yes, most definitely! This is where the confusion lies, You CAN be proud of the creation because it comes from you but to be proud that you created it is insisting that everything you create will as grand. I am not saying that some works are once in a lifetime or we only have one of them in us. What i am saying is that we are not consi…
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IS IT WORTH BUYING AN APPLE WATCH?It is said that three apples have changed the world. First was the apple that eve ate, the second was the apple that fell from the tree while newton was sitting under it and the third one is the one founded by Steve Jobs. Apple is a very famous, trusted and prominent hardware and software company. It has all the products ranging from iPad, iPhone to laptops and TVs. But the topic of discussion of this article is that it is the apple watch worth buying. Following are some reasons which will help you decide if the apple watch is worth buying.FASHION STATEMENTApple products are expensive and super classic this maybe the reason why they make such a powerful fashion statement. Apple watch comes in different colours, and it goes with almost all outfits which are its plus point. Many users say of apple watch that it makes them feel confident. The apple watch is a major fashion icon and goes with any look. It is a wearable technology which creates a powerful …

A Great Day for those who Make Great things Possible!

Love Delicious Food? Brand New Keto Cookbook — Yours Free

Why should you have to choose between delicious food and healthy food?
Why can’t you have BOTH?
The truth is, you can… when you know the right recipes.
And that’s why I want to tell you about my friend Louise’s Essential Keto Cookbook.
It has over 100 exclusive recipes that are as tasty as they are healthy.
Each recipe is strictly Keto, Paleo, and free from any harmful ingredients.
There are recipes such as:
Ginger spice cookiesFiery buffalo wingsChocolate coffee coconut trufflesGuacamole burgersCoconut chicken curryPeppermint pattiesSlow cooker beef stewChocolate chia puddingMany, many more
So whether you’re on a strict diet…
Or you just enjoy trying fresh and exciting recipes…
I’m confident you’re gonna love the Essential Keto Cookbook.
And because Louise is a friend, she’s agreed to send you a copy for free. (All she asks is that you cover the shipping fee.)
Other people happily pay $35 for this cookbook, so this is an absolute steal.
The only catch is that she has a limited number of books she…


Learn Social Media Marketing in 2020

 Social Media Marketing 2020 Audio Books

If you want to learn to make a lot of money with Social Media Marketing CLICK THE LINK, then keep reading!If you think that 2019 has been a great year for social media marketing, wait until you see what will unfold in 2020. With more and more people subscribing to Facebook, Instagram, and co. it is clear that the internet offers a true goldmine, for those that are willing to put in the work and learn the most effective strategies to monetize an audience.Nowadays we are more connected than ever, yet so few people take advantage of the incredible opportunity that social networks are providing. It will not take a long time before big companies and institutions decide to seriously focus on internet marketing and at that point, it will be almost impossible for the average Joe to get a seat on this profitable table. Advertising costs are going to skyrocket and building a following of loyal customers will not be an option for small entrepreneurs anymore…

Gamers Paradise (XBOX Live)

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