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    Is Picking a mightier Opponent an excuse to lose?

    Everyone has those moments where they can fight or flight. Whether your a man, a woman, child or your out numbered, BE STRONG! They say that your only as good as your last opponent but does that give you an excuse to lose? When picking your battles do you take the easy route for the satisfaction of winning or do you challenge a mightier opponent for the Glory of the win? Seems like i am being redundant on my questions but i assure you i do have a point. Each battle we are in, be it mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually transforms us. It will either build you up or diminish your energy in some way, shape or form. In all circumstances you must remember to BE STRONG. Do you have any battles that your currently in or have had that changed you in some way? I would love to hear about them. 
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