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    Want to Gain Strength and Power, Read On! 



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    There’s a big difference between power and strength. That is that they could be specifically trained individually or together.

    Strength is the ability to sustain lots of a sets/reps at one time. Whereas power is the capability to move said load.

    To maximize muscle efficiency it’s important to train both forms individually and together. This allows for a better  performing muscle, and in addition allows for the tendons and ligaments to be stronger connected to the muscle mass as well.

    It’s imperative to start any regimen with a superior quality pre-workout  Yeah Buddy! or  PRE - XS  to be able to prime the muscle mass with the energy promoting and recouping nutritional requirements needed to make healthy gains.


    In order to build power this is where the low rep ranges of 1-3 reps can be found. In that it targets quick twitch muscles. It’s recommended to attempt a 1 rep max at minimum one time a 30 days. This not only allows to measure the progress of the muscle tissues, but forces the muscles to wake up further preventing a plateau. Make sure to possess a spotter for the 1 rep max.


    To properly build strength you want to look more towards the medium rep ranges of 12-15. This enables for complete activation of the muscle tissues over a protracted period of time and will help out with training the fast twitch muscles that assist in this effective range of efficiency.

    Plyometrics and sprinting are usually both great types of training techniques that may target both your capability to train power and strength.

    When training most three elements together it'll make an overall better performing muscular framework which will benefit you higher, and maintain a stronger and longer  life.

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