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Citi Credit Cards

citi credit cards

The Chase Ink business card is perfect for any small to large business owner. Chase is in the market of helping and being a solution to your businesses needs. Almost all applications are approved, just apply and see for yourself. Complete with credit scores, 1, 2 and 5% cashback available on all purchases and even a nice return on income when opening up a checking account. Owning a business is hard. Especially with shipping, inventory and adspend costs. Debts can stack up high if not done correctly. Chase can help! We use our Chase card for only specific aspecs of our business and other credit cards for the rest, this keeps each card at a minimum along with the minimum pay due each month, your thinking, ‘yeah, we do that too’ which is the number one reason for applying for Chase Ink. Your already in the right direction and you just need a credit card that was created with you in mind. Apply today and take advanage of all the rewards and options the Chase card has to offer.

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