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Perfume Subscription: 

Why it’s a great choice

Fragrances have an amazing capacity to elicit emotions and experiences that most beauty items do not. As a result, it’s no wonder that many makeup enthusiasts consider scent as an intrinsically personal category. You will now have a very enjoyable time exploring your perfume tastes thanks to these perfume subscription boxes.

These ingenious perfume delivery boxes turn the supermarket salesperson pursuing you around with a paper-scented preview into an intimate, at-home option that encourages you to test your perfumes collection without subscribing to the heavy price labels which most full-sized colognes bottles come with.

The opportunity to taste and explore new popular scents, iconic products, and under-the-radar accessories at a fraction of the cost encourages creativity and exploration, making the hunt for your favorite perfume a lot of fun. Here is the answer to all your queries if you are thinking of buying a perfume subscription. This article will explore one of the best colognes subscriptions having a diverse collection of multiple brands.

Scent Box

Scent Box is a fragrance delivery service where you can select one scent every month or get their fragrances of the month. They have over 850 genuine brand scents and do free returns if a perfume doesn’t work out.


Multiple options

Scent Box eliminates the difficulty of putting on various colognes, which can only be tried one at the moment for the maximum action. At the supermarket, comparing scents can be distracting. Purchasing a whole bottle of fragrance or cologne that you are unsure about can be a total burden.

Easy shopping

People are also wasting limited time at the supermarket these days, and anything we need is available online. Images of clothing and shoes may include detailed descriptions. But where are the olfactory ingredients left? Scent Box takes control of both of these issues. More than a sample is available. You receive a full 30-day supply, allowing you to be present with your answers and reaction for an extended time. You will sample the goods in the luxury of your own home at your rate, with free delivery to much of the United States.

Real about their service

They are truthful. Their terms of service portion explain everything in detail. Their product is just as they say it is, and the managers are wise people who have considered every way that dishonest consumers can defraud them and have stated that scams based on moochers will not be accepted.


If you like brand fragrances and colognes, you’ll appreciate the opportunity to try 850+ different product combinations.

Being heavily involved in the fragrance business is an expensive investment. The recurring membership rates are extremely minimal. This is not a test bottle. They have ample scent to last you for a month and cater to those who want to change it up regularly.

Nobody loves being pulled into scenarios. The simplicity at which you can terminate a subscription helps you enjoy the rewards of a daily membership without feeling obligated to keep it.


On most occasions, the conventional fragrance industry would not announce the exact components of their items.


For $14.95 a month, with free delivery and discounts, it’s a lot less expensive than purchasing a single fragrance per month. That’s right, you have access to the whole world of scent, and it’s all beautifully packed with free delivery.


For the ideal consumer, Scent Box is valuable. If you are a fan and a follower of the aromas business, who likes an atmosphere of variety, relaxed and seamless, it’s just like a dream comes true.


We’re just like you, fragrance lovers that love to try new and different scents all the time. With over 1000 new 

fragrances launched each year, we found it difficult and expensive to try new scents. Founders and brothers Les & 

Craig went on a mission to develop a better way to explore and discover new and amazing designer 

SCENT BOX was born.

SCENT BOX is an affordable and fun way for members to seek out and sample wonderful new designer fragrances 

each and every month. Once you find your favorites, you can then purchase them in larger sizes.


For the price of a couple Starbucks coffees you get a month’s supply of designer fragrance…and no caffeine 



With over 850 different designer fragrances to choose from, you’ll never get bored of finding new scents that make 

you smell divine.


Commitment issues, yeah same here…Go month to month & cancel anytime, we’re not looking to tie you down, 

unless you’re into that

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Words From The Owners


We’re super excited to bring this new concept of fragrance discovery and experimentation to our members. Scent 

has been a very important part of our lives and has provided us with such unique memories and experiences. We 

hope that you’re able to broaden your scent library and create your own new scent experiences and memories.

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