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More About Me

If you are anything like me you reach a point in your life where you have no idea where your going or who you are, mine was in college. I was

a student athlete, an “Undeclared” student athlete. I thought I would have time, that something would ‘come up’. As

an athlete whether a mental or physical one you are taught early on that only a few of us really make it. I was one of the ones that didn’t. I

could not understand why but the answer was simple, I had no plan. I assumed it would just happen and my skills would

take care of the rest. Once I realized a plan was needed I began to write. The more I wrote the clearer who I was and where I was going

became. I was defining myself. I was creating the person I wanted to be and who I innately was; on paper.

Now all I needed was to put my plan into action. As I am sure you already know that with any goal there are obstacles, roadblocks and

detours. Staying on track was my main focus. I learned through audio books that daily affirmations were the ticket. So I

scribbled words on paper and plastered them to my bedroom walls and mirrors. I was unhappy, I needed more. My goals were special and I

wanted to remind myself of them and my focus with a unwavering passion. While creating this version of myself and

defining his who he was I realized that I was literally becoming a ‘Defined Creation’! All I needed was a symbol, something that represented

what I stood for. I entrusted in a team which produced our famous ‘Rising Sun’ or to some ‘The Dawn’ logo. In which I

completely adore. Now, every time I see this logo I am reminded of my goals past and present. With that dear reader, I want you wear our

Brand with the mind set of knowing; knowing who you are and where you are going and let that confidence guide you in

becoming the best version of you ideal selves!

Be Defined. Create Your Life.    

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