What’s Best for ‘ME’

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What’s Best for ‘ME’

When you begin your journey of perfection everyone will have an opinion on what you should do, which avenues to take and the how you should get there comments. When everything is said and done the only person left standing is ‘you’. I mean if someone gave you wrong advise nine times out of ten they will chuckle about it and shrug their shoulders at you and if they were right, a slight smile and a subtle ” I told you so”. With that said the final decision is yours, still, we all need some help. So who do you take advise from, who do you trust. Sometimes even professionals make mistakes and wrong decisions. They may even leave out vital information that could have changed your whole outlook on your situation or was the piece of the puzzle that you were missing. From my experience i analyze two factors, first, how much do these people actually care for ‘ME’ and two, their knowledge and experience on the subject. The shrugs and i told you so’s gave me the mathematical equation to figure it out and it has been working perfectly for me. In the long run when someone cares about you it does not matter what road you choose to travel they will support you regardless and give you advise to the best of their knowledge as long as “you” are happy. and if they have an expert knowledge on the subject that is even a greater plus. As for a stranger/professional that you acquire, small talk is always a plus. You generally know what kind of person your dealing with after a few moments of conversation. Don’t be afraid to let them in a little, tell them about yourself in regards of your goal and listen for their reactions. How do they judge you, do they look at you differently. Do you become interesting to them or do they give you that silent 2 second pause. For your lack of knowledge on the subject, do they now perceive you as a kid or do they understand that you are there for their genius. Next time your in your strategy/analyzing stage on defining your creation and need some outside insight (pun intended) try these methods and see what happens and let me know i would love to hear some of your experiences you have on your journey’s. Until next time Define Creatively. Create Your Life. Be Defined.


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