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Your Fall Guide to Coats Under $200

Nobody move: We are getting some really nice fall weather in Los Angeles.

Now picture me, frantically scouring the internet for every new hot jacket and coat on the market. It’s hilarious because we very rarely get low temps in LA and even when we do it’s only in the mornings and evenings. Rarely mid-day. So I tend to get overly excited and overly order things I probably don’t need. So, I really try my best to not spend an arm and a leg on a piece of clothing I’m not going to get too much wear out of. With that said, I’m traveling to New York the first week of November so I’m all sorts of fired up about getting my fall wardrobe ready.

I’m obsessed with this new trench I scored from Amazon {wearing a size XS}. The material feels very high-end and luxe. I really wasn’t expect such great quality on a coat that’s under $100. It also comes in black!

Below you will find my round-up of favorites I’ve found under $200.





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